Cheffy 2.0 beta now out!!

I’m pleased to announce that we have release the new version of Cheffy, what we’ve been calling internally, Cheffy 2.0. The new version comes with a number of new features, some of which I’ll be detaileding over the coming weeks, but as a headline:

  • New layout and structure
  • New Inspire Me section for quick access to selected recipes
  • Your own personal Kitchen area where you can manage your preferences, your cookbooks, recipes, shopping list, and connect with other users.
  • Add your own recipes – you can now add a recipe, have the nutrition automatically calculated, and then share that recipe with others.
  • RSS feeds for your cookbook, recipes, and Inspire me and automated searches
  • Improved searching and nutrition information

And there’s more to come – please start using the site and let us know what you think, or if you find any problems.

Live Search Plugin

I’ve noticed that a larger number of people come to the site and start searching for a particular entry, so I’ve decided to add the excellent WordPress Live Search Plugin to the site. Now when you search, you’ll get a live list beneath the search panel of the matching posts, which you can click on to go straight to the post in question. Installing the plugin itself is easy, download it, put it in your plug-in directory, and enable it. Providing you’ve used the standard search panel, the live component is enabled immediately. The Live Search plugin has been enabled on the MCslp Coalface and Planet MCslp sites too.

Hacking Google Maps and Google Earth Released!

Hacking Google Maps and Google Earth has been released, and should be available to order and purchase soon.I’ve also now enabled the live examples of all the techniques covered in the book, as well as adding a full list of resources (as in the book), and full information and table of contents on the book.

Download Examples

Parallels blogs my Solaris/Parallels post

The team over at Parallels noticed my Working with Solaris 10 in Parallels Desktop piece over on Coalface, and had a few nice words to say about me. In particular:

For those of you unfamiliar with Martin, he’s a well respected tech journalist who contributes to a number of leading tech magazines and all-around computer guru. He just wrote up a great blog post about Parallels Destkop for Computerworld, titled “Parallels Lowers the Impact of Boot Camp.”

Read the short, but sweet, full post

MCslp Coalface is live

I’ve started up a new blog designed to handle the day-to-day thoughts and issues, programming notes, IT tricks and so on that I come across (and use/develop) each day. Called MCslp Coalface, the blog is designed to contain the issues and notes that really do come straight from the work-end of what I do day by day. Expect programs, scripts, and usage notes on what I’m doing, as well as follow up thoughts and notes for certain articles and ideas that don’t fall into the realm of MCslp. You can find the new site at and there are RSS and Atom feeds available. As with most of my sites, the content is also included as part of Planet MCslp. You may also have noticed that I’ve changed the theme for the site, now using the excellent Red Train by Vladimir Simovic. The same theme is now used on both the main MCslp and the MCslp Coalface.

Grid Meter mentions Grid/Web Services Series

Greg Nawrocki, over at Grid Meter, has mentioned the convergence of SOA (Service Oriented Architectures) and Grid technology, and points readers to my recent Building a Grid with Web Services series (which I wrote with Tyler Anderson). I agree 100% with Greg – if you aren’t already working with SOA and want to get into Grid development then you should take a look at SOA now. If you are already working on SOA applications, then you already have a good base for migrating that into Grid tech. If you want to get the jump, start reading Building a Grid with Web Services right now!

Moving to MySQL

Starting in April I will be a member of the documentation team for MySQL. Among many other projects and responsibilities my main area of focus will be redeveloping on the connector documentation (i.e. the interfaces between MySQL and ODBC, JDBC, perl, python and one or two others).The new job starts in April, and I’ll be continuing with some of my other work, such as articles for IBM developerWorks, my blogging at Computerworld and, of course, Cheffy. As always, news, information and updates will be available here, and the collection of all the sites into a single blog and feed is available at Planet MCslp. The other sites that that builds from will probably now be updated, simply because I have more to do them!

Cheffy goes live!

Over the years many of you will have heard me mention things like Foodware, Cheffy and Foodies. All names for essentially the same thing, a recipe site that does more than just provide you with a simple way of finding recipes. Today, 18th December, we went live and we (Suna and myself) would like you to be among the first to visit and try out the site. The basics of the site are simple; you can search by ingredients, diet, nutrition, a whole range of keywords and you can combine all of this to pick out exactly the recipes you want. When you find the recipe you want, the recipe is fully scalable, up and down, and you can view in any of the available measurements to suit your preferences. All recipes include full nutritional information, calories, and even the glycemic load and index for each and every recipe. At the moment we also provide customized viewing preferences (sort order, measurements and quantities), your own cookbook and shopping list functionality. The site is still officially in beta, but consider the bulk of the site and functionality (as advertised) to be complete and working. We do, of course, appreciate feedback and bug reports on anything that you find that doesn’t look right. Waiting in the wings, there’s a meal planner, recipe ratings, comments and the ability to add your own recipes – all with full nutrition and searching capabilities from the moment you add it to the database. Please visit the site: http://cheffy.comWe also have a blog where we are asking for comments in input at Please feel free to contact me or use the contact form on the sites to convey your views. And meanwhile, spread the word!