UC2009: On the Starting Blocks

Despite an annoying 3 hour flight delay from Heathrow (and no, I wasn’t connecting there, I was leaving from there), I’m here in San Francisco and Santa Clara again ready for the MySQL User Conference 2009.I obviously have my four presentations to get through, and there will be plenty of other stuff going on at the conference both in terms of other presentations, the show floor, the booths, and the Birds of a Feather sessions (which are terrific fun). But mostly, I see the UC2009 as the best opportunity to meet up with both other MySQL/Sun people, our customers, and the community at large and talk about the thing we are all passionate about – MySQL and the technologies surrounding it. And I don’t care if that sounds goofy. Nothing beats talking to face to face with like minded individuals, and one thing that MySQL – and Sun – seems to engender is an extreme passion about the products we deliver that I don’t always see in other products or companies. That means the talk is always interesting and intelligent, and, when it needs to be, good fun.To anybody attending, welcome to the fun and enjoy the experience. To those not coming, you really are missing something.

MySQL Conf 2009 Preview: Scalability and HA Tutorial

Like most people, and with just over a week to go before the conference, I’m putting the finishing touchs on my various presentations. First up for me, on Monday afternoon, is my tutorial: Scale Up, Scale Out, and High Availability: Solutions and Combinations. What will be doing? Very simply: Looking at every potential solution for maximum scalability and availability for your database environment. If you are attending, be prepared to:

  • Expand your mind as we think about scaling up.
  • Expand your horizons as we think about scaling out.
  • Divide and conquer, as we think about high-availability.

We’re not not hands on in this session – but I will expect you to be brains on!

Diarizing – what goes around, comes around

OK, so I’ve just written about my love of Moleskines and it occurs to me that today’s bloggers (myself included) are just continuing a long tradition for some people to share their experiences. I write my memories in my Moleskines, not on a day to day basis, but whenever anything significant is happening in my life, or when I’m traveling about the world for business or pleasure, and for me that’s a vital part of me recording my memories, despite my otherwise excellent recollection skills. Hundreds of years ago Samuel Pepys and many others did the same thing – diarized what was going on in their lives and the world around them, and it became part of the content that records our world history. I know not every blog is that interesting (my own including), but as the title says, what goes around, comes around – we are just carrying on the tradition of those great diarists that came before us.

I love my Moleskine

Not remotely related to computing at all, but I’ve just been updating my diaries, and I use Moleskine. I go everywhere with a Moleskine of some description (they’ve recently released some really tiny notebooks, which make it easier to carry your life around with you). Despite having computers, organization tools, and email, there is something decidedly comforting about writing, by hand, into a physical notebook. Of course, you write in pencil so that the contents don’t smudge, and somehow that just feels even better.

MySQL on Solaris Best Practices Presentation

A couple of weeks ago I was at the MySQL European Customer Conference in London, where I was presenting my talk on deploying MySQL on Solaris best practices. You can download a copy of the presentation here: MySQL on Solaris Best Practices. I cover both choosing the best release version, using tricks like mtmalloc (the threaded malloc library) before moving on to UFS and ZFS tricks, using DTrace and MySQL Cluster and Sun Cluster.