Applying memcached to increase site performance

A new article on using memcached, the memory caching tool, to improve website and application performance is now available on IBM developerWorks:

The open source memcached tool is a cache for storing frequently used information to save you from loading (and processing) information from slower sources, such as disks or a database. It can be deployed in a dedicated situation or as a method of using up spare memory in an existing environment. Despite the simplicity of memcached, it is sometimes used incorrectly, or it is used as a solution in the wrong type of environment. Learn when it is best to take advantage of using memcached.

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Adding DTrace probes to your applications

A new article on adding DTrace probes to your application has been published on IBM developerWorks:

DTrace provides a rich environment of probes that can be used to monitor the execution of your system, from the kernel up to your application. You can perform a significant amount of examination without changing your application, but to get detailed statistics, you need to add probes to your application. In this article we will examine how to design the probes, where to add them into your application, the best locations for the probes, and how to effectively build and use the probes that you have added.

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Deploying Gearman across multiple environments

A new article on using the work distribution tool, Gearman:

The open source Gearman service allows you to easily distribute work to other machines in your network, either because you want to spread the work over a large body of machines or because you want to share the functionality of different languages and environments with each other. In this article, you will look at some typical uses of Gearman and how it can solve a variety of issues and problems in modern applications. You will also learn how Gearman can be combined with other tools, like memcached, to help speed up your application and processing requirements.

I’ve tried to pay particular attention to using it where you might normally use RPC or web services, or when you want to execute large quantities of jobs and spread them over a number of machines or different parameters.Read it Deploying Gearman across multiple environments

Deep-protocol analysis of UNIX networks

A new article on deeper analysis of network packets, is now available on IBM developerWorks:

Whether you are monitoring your network to identify performance issues, debugging an application, or have found an application on your network that you do not recognize, occasionally you need to look deep into the protocols being used on your UNIX® network to understand what they are doing. Some protocols are easy to identify and understand, even when used on non-standard ports. Others need more investigation to understand what they are doing and what information they are exchanging. In this article, we will take a look at techniques for performing detailed analysis of the protocols in use on your UNIX network.

The piece specifically looks at ways of extracting more detailed information from the raw data you see on your network. Read Deep-protocol analysis of UNIX networks