Podcast Producer: Scheduling Podcasts

A new article in my series on getting the most out of Podcast Producer is now available, this time looking at a solution involving iCal and the command-line elements of Podcast Producer that can automate the process of recording. This can be particularly useful if you have cameras set up in various classrooms or offices and have set times for different presentations. You can set the presentations to be automatically recorded, and use the information within the iCal event to set the data about the podcast itself. Using the system in article you can control your entire podcast process by creating new events within iCal.

If you work with podcasts on an ongoing basis, scheduling for the recording and publishing of your podcasts is critical. From an audience perspective, you want to have a regular stream of content to keep people interested in your podcasts. You also want to make sure that you are making the best use of your presenters by giving them the time and flexibility to create a podcast at a time that suits their schedule and yours.Instead of explicitly recording a podcast and having the information submitted into the system, why not schedule podcasts recordings to take place automatically according to your organizational needs? For example, within a school or university you may have regular class sessions that you want to record and publish as a podcast.The article demonstrates how to use AppleScript in combination with iCal to automate the recording of podcasts from cameras without having to manually create each recording. The solution will simplify the scheduling of recordings to create a suitable event within iCal and then uses iCal and Podcast Producer handle all of the complexities of the recording process.

Read: Podcast Producer: Scheduling Podcasts

Podcast Producer: Publishing to YouTube

My new article at the Apple Developer Connection is now available. When creating podcasts you dont always want to publish to one of the blogs or wiki services on your Leopard Server, or to iTunes. How about posting to YouTube? From the intro:

YouTube has created a whole new generation of users who like to view video over the Internet, whether at their computer, their laptop or when using their iPhone. With Podcast Producer, you have many workflows available to you on your Mac OS X Server, but you can also customize workflows and publish content directly to YouTube. Follow along to build a custom workflow that will take an existing video podcast through Podcast Producer and post the content directly onto YouTube.

The solution involves a custom application using the YouTube Java kit that submits a converted podcast content to your YouTube account. Read: Podcast Producer: Publishing to YouTube

I love my Moleskine

Not remotely related to computing at all, but I’ve just been updating my diaries, and I use Moleskine. I go everywhere with a Moleskine of some description (they’ve recently released some really tiny notebooks, which make it easier to carry your life around with you). Despite having computers, organization tools, and email, there is something decidedly comforting about writing, by hand, into a physical notebook. Of course, you write in pencil so that the contents don’t smudge, and somehow that just feels even better.