Voice enabling XML, Part 4: Develop a Web search application for VoiceXML

The final part of the four-part series on developing VoiceXML applications, this time covering an interface to an internet search system, is available:

In this final article of a four-part series, develop an application that takes VoiceXML as input and queries the Yahoo Search API for both basic Web searches and Yahoo local searches. The query returns information about businesses within a specific location and region. The application then reads the results to the caller after submission.Internet searching is taken for granted these days, with numerous services available for searching. Web searching has also expanded. With so many companies that have a Web presence, many companies now merge their Web and traditional offline data, like business directories, and map and location information to make it possible to search for a variety of businesses and information.This information is perfect to use VoiceXML (VXML) to submit your searches and listen to the returned results. In this article, you will create an application that does this, and you will also:

  • Review a Web searching workflow
  • Create a generic class for outputting VXML form elements
  • Create VXML grammar that supports a wide range of input
  • Use the Yahoo search interface
  • Run Web searches using VXML and Yahoo search
  • Run local searches using VXML and Yahoo search

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