Setting up the new T105

So yesterday I mentioned the new Dell T105 I got on special offer. Setting up Solaris 10 on this new machine is a little more complex than I would have wanted, but it’s now up and running fine.Here’s what I did to get Solaris b81 working:1. SXDE b81 has a bug in that SATA CD-ROM/DVD-ROMs aren’t identified properly, so you need to use an older version (pre-b79 it seems) and then upgrade. So:2. Install SXDE/SXCE b78 or earlier (I actually used Solaris Express 9/07, which is based on b70)3. Install LiveUpdate4. Install a second instance of the OS and enable it5. Boot into the second instance6. Perform a live update of the original installation7. Re-enable the original install8. Install the Broadcom Ethernet drivers from here if you want the built-in network driver to work (it wont be good enough for xVM because only legacy support is available).That’s it – for full xVM I disabled the internal Ethernet card and then added a Realtek-based PCI Ethernet card and it works fine. I’m now in the process of setting up some additional domains (Gentoo, Windows).

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