Voice enabling XML, Part 3: Develop a voice blogging app

I had a lot of fun developing the VoiceXML series, and the third article in the series is now available. There are some limitations – you cannot yet dictate your blog post, for example – but the article shows the potential power of the a VoiceXML based blogging solution.

In this third article of a four-part series, you will develop a simple blogging application that takes VoiceXML (VXML) as input and saves the data into your online blog. You will also learn to use this type of voice blogging to great advantage when you create tweets, or Twitter entries.Blogging is another topic that more and more people seem to do these days to increase their visibility, and so their voice can be heard. Why not use VoiceXML to actually interact with your blog or tweet using your own voice? In this article, you learn to do this very thing and to:

  • Generate dynamic VoiceXML from remote data
  • Pass through the content to VXML
  • Submit the request to the blog and report back through VXML
  • Submit status updates to TwitterRead: Voice enabling XML, Part 3: Develop a voice blogging app