Switching off login requirements

I’m switching off the need to register just to leave a comment.Mostly this is because I tend to get a lot of direct emails and reply back to people, but a l;ot of that info would be useful to everybody. If I can get you to comment, rather than use the contact form for those type of queries, we might be able to help more people!If it works here, I’ll do it on all blogs.

Brian is having the same issues

I mentioned the problem with setting up the stack on a new Solaris box yesterday and then realized this morning that I’d already added Brian Aker’s blog posting on the same issues to my queue (Solaris, HOW-TO, It works… Really…). Brian mentions pkg-get, the download solution from Blastwave which I neglected to mention yesterday. It certainly makes the downloading and installation easier, but its’s far from comprehensive and some of the stuff is out of date. To be honest I find that I install the stuff from Sun Freeware to get me going, then spend time recompiling everything myself by hand, for the plain and simple reason that I then know it is up to date and/or working or both. This is particularly the case for Perl, which often needs an update of the entire perl binary to get the updated versions of some CPAN modules. Ultimately, though, it sucks.

Updating library paths

This is more of a personal note than anything else, but hopefully it might filter to the top of web searches too.If you want to update the dynamic library loading path in Solaris 10 you must use the tool crle.If you want to add a path, say /usr/local/lib make sure you use the -u option to update rather than replacing the existing library path info:

# crle -u -l /usr/local/lib

Setting up the developer stack issues

There’s a great post on Coding Horror about Configuring the Stack.Basically the gripe is with the complexity of installing the typical developer stack, in this case on Windows, using Visual Studio. My VS setup isn’t vastly different to the one Jeff mentions, and I have similar issues with the other stacks I use. I’ve just set up the Ultra3 mobile workstation again for building MySQL and other stuff on, and it took about 30 packages (from Sun Freeware) just to get the basics like gcc, binutils, gdb, flex, bison and the rest set up. It took the best part of a day to get everything downloaded, installed, and configured. I haven’t even started on modules for Perl yet. The Eclipse stack is no better. On Windows you’ll need the JDK of your choice, plus Eclipse. Then you’ll have to update Eclipse. Then add in the plugins and modules you want. Even though some of that is automated (and, annoyingly some of it is not although it could be), it generally takes me a few hours to get stuff installed. Admittedly on my Linux boxes it’s easier – I use Gentoo and copy around a suitable make.conf with everything I need in it, so I need only run emerge, but that can still take a day or so to get everything compiled.Although I’m sure we can all think of easier ways to create the base systems – I use Parallels for example and copy VM folders to create new environments for development – even the updating can take a considerable amount of time. I suggest the new killer app is one that makes the whole process easier.

Where have I been?

OK, so once again it’s been incredibly quiet round here.Why?Well I’ve moved house again I say that like I move house regularly, but in fact it’s almost three years since the last time we moved house. This time we haven’t moved very far, just a few hundred yards, but it’s to a a bigger house and, more importantly for us, to one that we have purchased instead of the renting we did when we moved up from the south coast in 2004.Unfortunately that has completely mucked up my blogging schedule and nearly all of my articles and other work. It’s not just the hassle of the move itself (which started in late June), but it’s the distractions of having boxes to empty and possessions to move around. I have, for example, books stacked up on the shelves, but there are in sort of order, and more than half of the shelves are empty.Anyway, look out for me to get back into the blogging soon I’ve already started on Computerworld, and last week I tried to catch up on the waiting articles and tutorials that had recently been published by posting a number of articles on MCslp.com.