Extra bash improvements

If you’ve read my Getting the most out of bash article at IBM developerWorks then you be interested in some further bash goodness and improvements. Juliet Kemp covers some additional tricks on Improving bash to make working with bash easier. Some of the stuff there I have already covered, but the completion extensions might be useful if you like to optimize your typing. Even better, one of the comments provides the hooks to change your prompt to include your current CVS branch, another to include your current platform, and a really cool way of simplifying your history searching.

Application virtualization, Part 3: Creating your virtualized application for the grid

The third and final part of my series on using virtualization techniques as an aid to grid enablement is now available on IBM developerWorks. The tutorial looks at the mechanics of actually turning your virtualized environment into an effective way of executing your newly enabled application. In particular, I cover the differences in the execution process and provide code examples for how to employ the different virtualized application execution techniques covered in Part 2.From the introduction:

When enabling an application for use within a grid, the first process is to make your application as open and easy to deploy as possible. In Part 1 of this “Application virtualization” series, we examine how that is possible by building a virtualization layer around the original application. In Part 2, we examine the environment to build to support the grid. Now, to wrap up the series, we look at how you turn your grid into a virtualized version of the original application, and how you distribute work internally through the grid to achieve the best performance.

You might want to check out the previous two parts of the series:

Read Application virtualization, Part 3: Creating your virtualized application for the grid