Planet MCslp RSS feed links

I noticed today that the feed links on Planet MCslp were linked incorrectly to Coalface.This only affects the links that were provided in the panel – if you’ve subscribed by clicking on the Subscribe button in your browser, or just supplied the main Planet MCslp URL (, you should be subscribed just fine. If you think you’ve got the wrong links, the way to check is examine what posts have appeared in your Planet MCslp feed – you should be getting a range of posts, including in the last week, four from Laptop Solaris, five from Computerworld, and three yesterday from the new Mobile blog generated by the camera on my mobile phone.

Sun announces new servers and workstations

Sun have announced a series of new servers and workstations, just as I finish up testing of the T1000 and begin testing of the Ultra 20M2.The key elements are:

  • An updated version of the T2000 servers under the Netra brand, designed for the needs of the telecommunications industry
  • An improvement to the T1000 to improve reliability (by 23%) and boost disk performance by up to 300%
  • New Ultra 25 workstation provides a 300% improvement in performance, designed for Java development

There’s a more detailed press release and a brief summary at Computerworld.

Sun Studio 11 Commands

I’m really only just getting used to the Sun Studio 11 environment after years of using gcc, so quick guides to the Sun Studio 11 command line environment are a great way to get familiar.There’s just such a list on BigAdmin: Commands for Sun Studio 11 Software.There are some gems here I wasn’t aware of, like xscapture for capturing user interface design from a running Motif/Xt application; anaylyzer for a GUI performance monitor and dmake, for distributed building.I think I need to spend some time going through each tool on this list and finding out how best to use it.

Ultra 20M2 Arrived

Sun have very kindly me a sun Ultra 20M2 to test. I’ve only had it a few days, and already I’m hooked.The spec of the unit they have sent me is:

  • 1 AMD Opteron Model 1218 Processor (Dual Core)
  • 4GB RAM
  • 250GB SATA HD
  • NVIDIA Quadra FX 3500 Graphics Card
  • 20″ TFT LCD

The LCD monitor is superb, and highly recommended; I’ve been using an identical for years, as the Sun unit is a rebadged 20″ NEC unit (my NEC 2070NX only differs by the inclusion of a USB hub).In use the machine is fast and very responsive. Raw computing power is available if you want it, but the dual core approach means that using the machine, even when compiling something in the background, remains just as responsive.For an example of the raw power, I did a very simple test of building the 5.1 version of the MySQL Reference Manual in PDF format. This is a consuming process, as it converts the XML into FO (through XSLT) and then uses Apache’s FOP took to translate the FO into a PDF.

  • Apple Mac Book Pro (2.16GHz Intel Core Duo): 13 minutes, 2.921 seconds
  • Apple iMac (1.83GHz Intel Core Duo): 13 minutes, 26.779 seconds
  • Sun Ultra 20M2 (2.8 GHz Opteron Model 1218 Dual Core): 8 minutes, 32.033 seconds

Full reviews, breakdowns, performance testing and other more detailed thoughts as time goes on.