Picking a phone based on its case

I’m in the market for a new phone, but I’m sadly addicted to Vaja leather cases, and they don’t have a case available for all phones. This is strangely limiting my choice – if I can’t find a Vaja case, I’m less inclined to buy the phone. My current mobile phone is a Sony Ericsson T68i, which is getting a little bit long in the tooth, but still actually does everything I want. It’s encased in a lovely yellow Vaja tailor made case. It matches the one of the same colour that surrounds my iPod, and conveniently also matches (some) of my watches. Shortly though I’m going to have to bite the bullet and buy a phone that I hope Vaja will suport in the future. At the moment, I’m thinking the K800i, which comes with a decent quality digital camera might fit the bill, and I’m also looking forward to the ability to use the Memory Stick Micro for storage (which will be more convenient than picking up the USB stick when I need it) and the MP3 playing (and remove the need to carry the Shuffle on quick trips out). The K800i doesn’t yet have a Vaja case, but they made one for the K750i so there’s a distinct possibility I might be covered.

Another day, another thunderstorm, another Internet disconnect

In the height of the British summer, we are having some cold weather and, for the last few days, heavy thunderstorms. I’m no fan of the sun, but the thunderstorms cause connectivity problems for me, and that disconnects me from the Internet for a while. Sometimes, I don’t notice for a while, other times it will hit me right in the middle of a download, and then I tend to notice immediately.The problem is that the disconnect can be for long enough that I’m completely out of contact. Yesterday the storms were so bad that I was unable to call on the mobile phone because the normally strong signal wsa unavailable. I can cope with intemittent connectivity, unless it affects my work, and it’s then that you realize just how reliant you are on being connected. Somehow, I need to put a backup plan in place.

Discussion on Maps book at Amazon

The book has only been out a week, and already we have questions coming in through Amazon’s new beta book discussion service.The first query is on the API versions, which, as I explain in my response, are centered about the v1 API as this was the stable version at the time the book was written. Although it surprises some people, I actually finished writing the final parts of this book at the end of April, with the bulk of the book having been completed by February.To ensure stability of the examples (and without delaying the book further) I standardized on the mature v1 of the API.I’ll be posting updated examples and code for v2 versions and the relevant examples and sections of the book on this blog. If you have something specific you would like in a v2 API version, please let me know through the contact page.