Apache Maintenance Basics

You’ve downloaded and configured your Apache server and are ready to move on to the next project. Can it really be left to fend for itself in a darkened room?Yes. To some degree, anyway. With the exception of configuration testing, once Apache is up, you likely need never think about how the Web server is running.On the other hand, completely ignoring your Apache installation would be foolhardy. Doing some regular checks and maintenance on your Apache installation helps identify any issues — usually before they even become issues — and helps you stay up date with the latest security and performance patches. This article covers some of the major steps and maintenance tasks that should be regularly undertaken while the Apache system is running.You can read the full article on ServerWatch.com.

Building a Grid with Perl, Part 4: Submission and distribution

Splitting up a grid into simpler, smaller, elements makes the whole process of building a grid much easier. Grids are not mystic, they just require careful planning and a degree of flexibility in their operation and structure to allow work to be split up and divided among the different components in the grid. In this fourth part of a series on building a grid with Perl, I look at the issues of submitting information into a resource grid and how this is stored and prepared for distribution to a specific storage node.Read the full Tutorial.