Apache 2.0: The Complete Reference

Ryan Bloom, one of the developers of the Apache HTTPD server product, was the lead author on this project. I contributed a few of chapters in this title too, including those on testing Apache (with HTTPD-Test and Flood), keeping Apache up to date with patches and updates and integrating Apache with extension modules like mod_perl and mod_python.For more information see the Apache 2.0: The Complete Reference page on Ryan Bloom’s website.

Solaris 9 Complete Idiot’s Guide

Want to know how to process XML documents in Perl, Python or PHP?Ever wondered how you’d do it in Ruby, REBOL, Tcl or AppleScript?Want to learn how to execute remote procedures over the Internet using XML-RPC or SOAP?XML Processing with Perl, Python and PHP tells you all these things and more. Working up from the basics of the XML standard through to specific chapters on each of the different languages we look at some real-world solutions and applications of the XML standard in each of these languages.